Reasons why you need to learn Manual Driving

Less Expensive

Manual vehicles tend to be more fuel efficient. Driver can select the gear and maintain a steady RPM count without having the engine and transmission change gears on you without notice. Studies report that a manual transmission can save a driver as much as 15% on fuel costs.

Better Control

A manual transmission means that the driver will have to learn when to downshift, in turn learning about the car, and its inner-workings. You Feel safer and more confident knowing you have full control of your vehicle


A lot of rental companies around the world offer better deals on Manual Transmission cars. Manual Driving lessons helps you drive the car rentals without frustration of constantly stalling the vehicle.

Job opportunity

Stick-Shift driving lessons will help you get your next job and help you quickly get your trucking licence.

It’s Fun

It’s actually really fun. It eliminate unnecessary actions and make your driving more enjoyable